Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peta challanges the West Virginia Beef Queen to a tofu Wrestling match.

PETA, in a never ending appeal to seem relevant and not crazy, has once again appealed to men's libido to call for action. This time, they've issued out a challenge to the 2008 West Virginia Beef Queen, picture below (this is about the only decent picture I can find... the other one's crazy blurry)


to have a tofu wrestling match with one of their lettuce ladies, example provided below:


I'm not sure when the acronym "PETA" started meaning "Have Chicks be Naked/Half-Naked all the Time", but then again, "HCbNHNatT" doesn't quite have the OOMPH an acronym should contain. I think we all could agree, however, that PETA should have their own show on Spike TV.

We Challenge the Beef Queen to a Wrestling Match

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