Saturday, January 31, 2009

AotS celebrates National Pie Week

By Making Olivia Munn Jump into a giant vat of... "pie", really it's just a swimming pool filled with pudding... still.

This is what the shower looked like after wards:


I love Attack of the Show, mostly for the strange and often times awkward interactions between the hosts.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Dog and The Cupcake

We Want Beer.

I'll see you guys next month.

A Power-Up Box in The Most Inconspicuous of Places

My Google-Fu is Strong

Jesus In Your Dog's Bum

Did I really never posted this picture?

I can't remember if H said that it's a dog or a cat's bum, I'm not going to argue about it...

Wooden Wall-E

Oh god, I want it, so bad.

Having Problems?

Let Molotov be your solution.

I'm Going To Get Myself a Happy Meal.

I'm sorry, a Cautious Optimism Meal.

Che Griffin

Or Peter Guavara?

In Memory...





.50 Cal Aspirin.

cat fud

The Farside Reenactment Flickr Pool

Ennio Marchetto: The One Man Living Cartoon Factory

It seems exceptionally silly at first, but the costume pieces really blew me away.

1 year in 40 seconds

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Neil Gaiman: Buttons


Tina Turner, We Don't Need Another Hero

I actually desperately want to learn this song, to coincide my need to sing when I get drunk, and to have everything relate to Thunderdome.

But this song is really, REALLY terrible.

A Day In the Life of Natalie Portman

Admit it, you really watch SNL for the digital shorts, it's ok, most of us do as well.

The New "WTF" blanket

We Will Finish The Day with Batman

A Good Fellas Kinda

The "Bat Family", circa 2003

And for no reason at all, catwoman.

America Is OK I Guess Sometimes...

Way to stick up for your ideals... sort of, I guess.

It's a Shirt.

I do love Pictures For Sad Children, a lot.

She is a Big... Bunny?


There Is Something That Doesn't Seem Right About This Picture...

I just can't figure out what it is...

Beer Bathroom

Guess which one is male and which one is female.

Woman Is Your Friend

Still a mite bit abusive there...

Bacon Explosion

You can make your own

I question the necessity for BBQ sauce, since I've never been much of a sauce fan. Also, no cheese?

You May Not Be Gay As This


The Evolution of Amy Winehouse

You are going to have to click on it to get the full flavor.

Which Way To the Internet?

The Theory of Evolution.

Makes a lot of sense, except that we experienced the events in reverse. At least I did.

What? Didn't every body watch the yaya golden sisters of the city that notes the walls bringing joy lucks and lake houses the pants?

The TV is Going to Get You

A Trip Into the Present Past

A beautiful series of photographs blending the past into the present, and vice versa. (Do you want pictures? find a Russian)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At First I was like...

But then marmoset.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances like a run away semi and me with a baloney sandwich and greased soles, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Cylon Centurian Replaced by CGI

Help a brother out.

This Man is Less Fucked Up Then You

And he is going to the moon.

You Have Angered the Badger

Jesus, you are screwed.

I'm going to go get some lunch.

Who wants some rape?

Eyebrow Dance

What... the fuck?

A Girl holding a hamster wheel and a dove.

or is that some weird albino pigeon?

A Jarhead Raccoon

No, not a marine raccoon.

She's Laughing At You...

But there's nothing wrong with that.

How to Maximize The Office Workspace.

A bit excessive.

What do I do?

On one hand, I love kittens and want to save them.
On the other, DANGER!


Time to head back to the crazy factory.

with my banana phone.

Rapid City, South Dakota...

A surprisingly unsafe place to visit.

I kid you not.

Pants Off Men, by And One

Jesus Christ It's Cold.

sheesh.Now is the winter of our discount tentI am so ashamed of myself right now..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pleasant Dreams...

Reminds me of this story of some folks who left a bag of potato chips sitting in the open. Later on the wife returned to the bag, grabbed a piece, put it in her mouth, and screamed.

The husband ran out to find tiny new born baby spiders crawling all out of his wife's open mouth.

It could be just an urban legend, or maybe it's a true story?

I'll see you guys tomorrow.