Friday, October 31, 2008

Two Face

Nice Costume.

You can read about how he made that costume here.


Fruits have feelings too

Poor guy. And I have heard that once you go banana, you never go back. I am pretty sure that is just a myth though... right?

You have problems lady

What an unfortunate personal hygene issue you must have to need this kind of extra strength spray.



That bottle of Pepto deserved it!

Yeah, I really can't figure out this picture either.

Child's Play Costume

Deviant Art (it's not just for pictures of furry fox dude screwing a furry cat girl anymore) via My Confined Space

Endbear has been apprehended

The streets are safe again now that this monster is in custody.

Time for horrific Halloween costumes

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Metroids are sneaky


From the maker of Bacon Salt now comes their newest bacon-esque product: BACONNAISE!.

Put it on your sandwich, on your toast, in your shoes, on your grandma, EVERYTHING WILL TASTE LIKE BACON AND MAYONAISE, YAY!


Jesus on a Pogo Stick




Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Night, Mars Phoenix.Lander

After five faithful months of service, NASA scientists have started the shutting down process of our intrepid little robotic observer, the Phoenix Lander. Originally scheduled to only operate for 90 days, the Phoenix Lander has impressed us with its tenacity and wowed the world over with newly discovered information about the Red Planet. Sadly, the northern hemisphere which the Lander resides will soon fall into a cold harsh winter, blanketing everything with CO2 ice, rendering the Lander incapable of operation. A "Lazarus Mode" built within the Lander will occasionally waken our robot scientist for the next few weeks for short bursts of data analysis and output, but the Lander has done its job and it outperformed any expectation. Someday, when human explorers arrive on Mars, we will recover the unit and preserve it as a monument for generations to come.

Here is an entry from the Mars Phoenix Twitter:
Many questions about next Martian summer and will I wake up? It is beyond expectations. But if it happens you'll be among the 1st to know

Maybe we'll hear from you next Martian Summer (May 2010), Phoenix Lander, god speed.

You can read twitter entries from the Phoenix Lander here.

Preach on!

Well the good news is that Columbia has picked up the rights to do a preacher movie with Sam Mendes (Road to Perdition, American Beauty) directing. Unfortunately the HBO series is not going to happen, and that is the only format that I can see doing justice to the story. Of course I don't really think that a movie will ever really get made anyway, and if it does it will not be recognizable as Preacher. I think that I would be happy with a Jody & T.C. movie... like that could get made either. Man, Garth Ennis is a sick and twisted genius.

Tuttuki Bako

Japan is a flaming turd pile of crazy.

Poke a Smelly Pixel Panda with Tuttuki Bako (BBG)

Silence of the (Stuffed) Lambs

An Eagle on Touchdown

This is what I had for lunch

Bwahahahahahaha, yeah, I wish.

Totoro Bento (flickr)

Friends do things together

Cats in Air

It may be funnier if they were on ice.

Dog Loves Watermelon

Who knew?

Roosting a Dog

McCain-Obama Dance Off

You probably saw this already.

It's still a very slickly produced video.

End Bear


Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a molestation prone priest? Not many actors can be as lovable yet creepy as Mr. Hoffman.

A Hamster on a Tiny Bike

He is from Tech Support

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Optimus Prime Will Sleep with Your Wife.

You can vote for this design at Threadless.

I'll bother you guys tomorrow.

Godzilla VS Titanic


Heavy Load.

This is pretty much what it looks like when I get into a dinghy...


Two Slightly Odd Signs...

Share the Bicycle Trail

Pedestrians give way to cars

Either way, if you walk, you are screwed.

I think it's time to work on mental telepathy and fly...

Mythbusters: The Early Years

OJ's Lawyer Has Some News for OJ

Seriously, it's like I live in the past, when will I get to live in the future?

He is Going to be Popular.

Just not sure where or who...

Sexy Colognes

From a sexy captain.

Yes I'm gay for Patrick Stewart (not the lunch meat Patrick).

Bye Bye Bats

Batman gets no respect.

A Flocking Chain of Seagulls

I'm going to lunch with Patrick.

Has anyone seen Patrick?


Best Senior Panoramic Picture... Yet.

Some nice young man decided to do something unique for his Senior Panoramic Picture.

Did you find him?


Barrack Obama Eats Babies

It's... uh... it's a website, that you click on, and... uh...

Cock and Pussy

McCain seems to like the big huge...
Seriously, what is with his tongue?

Palin has a very hot...
Biden seems to enjoy it.

Japan now has Pepsi in White Flavor

Per Consumerist:
The flavor was quite sweet, and closer to that of 7-UP with some slightly milky tones (not really yogurt, just milk). Overall it was good, if odd.

Move to Japan so You Can Drink Yogurt Pepsi