Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gary's Mod: Billy May Vs. VInce

And that's it, back to the deep recess of hell I go.

Half Life: Hero Beggining

Um... I think this was a slash fiction, except awesome.

Elder Sign

I need large doses of it, NOW!

The Bohemian Rhapsody, On Old Machines

totally worth the 6 minutes.

Henson's 11

I would love to see it as a real movie, not the great muppet caper movie, but just as a real movie.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I have no idea what this picture means.

So I took a wild guess and post this on Zombie-Jesus Day, just in case!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At least he is realistic

I think I got some bad fruit

A true visionary

This Peter Jackson movie came out in 1992.
How could he have been so far ahead of his time?
Aside from the meme reference, I suggest everyone sees this movie.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hey Guys...

So... in hopes of mining more comedy gold to entertain whoever it is that stumbles across this blog, I spent a good 3 to 4 hours on 4chan last night to... uh... ah, who cares, I was so emotionally beaten that I can barely squeeze anything out...

This is how I feel about 4chan

I'm going on a hiatus, I'll see you guys some other time.

Uncle Sam Wants YOU...

To drink more beer.

Tomorrow is this blog of random stupidity's 1st anniversary, please join us in saying "good riddance!"

Wait, what does that mean?

Caucasian Female's Gluteus Maximus Bewilders and Aggrevate The Viewer

God damn it, I didn't realize that picture's showing nipples, I'm going to be totally arrested by the NSFW police!

Mr. T Wants You To Get Back To Your Business...

On the other hand, Wonder Woman just watches...

The word "masturbate" is included in this post so that it'll be easier for search later on.

Mini Golf

The Death Star Main Computer BBS

Alright Meow.

sigh... I'm so conflicted...

La Vaca Brava

According to MCS, La Vaca Brava is a restaurant in Puerto Rico that has an incredible 4 hour wait time. The food looks like it's totally worth it, but I'm pretty sure I'll die of a complete system artery choke just being within 50 miles of the place.

Hur hur hur, so if I set foot on Puerto Rico I'll die, hur hur hur.

Female Army

Darth Vader Never Paid Child Support

that bastard.

More Pulp Porn...

Look at those rich girls go!

Satan was a lesbian?

Who knew?

Caution: Sand

Good to know.

Do Not Cross The Portals


Hey Davey Crocket Look-alike Guy!

Please stop sexually harrasing the bears...

Wolverine On My Little Pony: A Tattoo

I get the feeling that's a stick on tattoo, at least, I pray to god that's not permanent.

Nasty Ol' Wrinkly Dog

Nasty Ol' Wrinkly Cat

Web Browsers Explained

I can't agree with all of them fully, except for the internet explorer one. OH, EASY POTSHOT!

The Debt Star Is No Moon...


Thursday, April 2, 2009


I prefer beer, but to each their own.

Tomorrow is Friday, if I'm not so emotionally estranged and distant I might have conjured up some form of child-like excitement. Instead, I'm just filled with emptiness and hey, where did this pistol come from and why does it feel so comfortable next to my head?

Professor Farnsworth Has Great News!

Another Weird And Really Bad Painting Of Obama


Human Smuggling...

The recession has hit us all hard, but thank god for creativity... and flexibility.

Flying Sharks

Who Ate All The Bananas And Took A Dump In The Hallway?

I totally ruined that joke.

Walker High Heels



Why are all the vehicles empty?

Twin Savers: Because Real Men Cries Too


STFU Comics Shows You The Horrors Of The Internets...

So sad...

Christina Ricci

If You Ever Come Across A "Hard Dick Mode" In Your BIOS...

You should probably take a few steps away from your computer...

No Headphone Photography Allowed.


Not to be mistaken with Headphone Musume or Headphone Fetishists.


The New Cthulu Buck Is Here To Stimulate Our Economy

With madness and suffering...

I'm In Your Air Force Base...

Stealing your precious bodily fluid.

He doesn't look very commie to me...