Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Christian Bale and Cat

I don't remember seeing this in Equilibrium.

I don't know why this picture amuses me so, but it does.

What does 4 chan do when the mods are away?

They post bread:

Those sick bastards.

Also, my friend just told me about MacroChan, my life is over.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Darkie Toothpaste.

The thing about being the younger generation of our family is that, well, one of our favorite activity as a Taiwanese individual, is for us to tell every god damn person we can about how god damn racist us Taiwanese folks are. Take, for example, the Darkie Toothpaste:

I remember that at a later time of my youth, my grandfather switched his favorite "black man toothpaste" to "white man toothpaste", of which I just thought, to my racist little self: "I guess white man toothpaste is better?"

I also remember that they introduced some toothpaste with salt in it, declaring the cleansing power of salt, now on your teeth.


God damn we were some fucked up racists.

Nicolas Cage as... Everyone.

Through some inexplicable and baffling event, someone decided to start a blog dedicated to reimagining what... well, everyone will look like if they are played by Nic Cage...

I must have missed the memo, but this is perplexing.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm not quite there yet...

Daily posts are still going to be few and far between, gotta get ready for a move and all.

See you on the flip side, which is a term I don't quite understand, because if your side got flipped, then shit, wouldn't you be upside down and breaking the law of gravity, which isn't really a law and more of a "I will follow your silly ruling for now, until I can stab you in the heart and then fly to my heart's content."

Oh, right, enjoy some boobs:

Taking a picture AND masturbating to it? Why, I believe someone has taken your advice, nice lady!


chest forward and back straight, yes...


I mean, really very epic...

Fiber-Optic Bra:


"Benny!" you say, "all you do is catering to the lowest common denominator, don't you have some decency?"

Well, first of all, no, and second of all, Clowns:

It's true, no matter how much of a "people" clowns like to call themselves, all they want to do is to hurt you, inside and out. And seriously, it's hard to trust clowns, especially Zombie Clowns:

I've also thought that it's a Two-Face clown, actually...

Oh, right, here, and we'll finish with a puppy:

Soaking its golden retriever paws in a bucket of yellow water/beer/pee? Sweet god, puppies ARE retarded.

Do you ever get the feeling that fan made demotivators aren't really demotivators anymore?

Animals Are Sort of Useless... and are kind of weird...

I actually came across this "Animal Facts" a few times before I found out it was from KinokoFry, which is deliciously enjoyable.

Ignore the rest of this post, as it's nothing more then Google bait:
A dog can eat an elephant: TRUE!
Every 100th egg a chicken lays contains sugar: that would explain why my scrambled eggs tasted weird...
Did you know? There are no chipmunks: I knew it!
Axolotls are members of the goat family: that also explains why it's called an Axolotl.
When left alone for 5-10 hours. Finches will begin to resemble Oliver Sacks: did you know that Oliver Sacks is a MD, a Doctor, an author, and a fine dancer?
Otters will amount to nothing: I feel for them, that's what my elephant-eating dog tells me every day, but in doggish.
Parrots are just bullshit: aw...

Wookie the Chew

This dude has more pictures of his rendition of Star Wars characters as Winnie the Pooh. Oh, and Kessel Run:

James Hance may replace Brandon Byrd as my favorite pop culture artist... well, maybe not, but it'll be a tough fight.

Anti Theft Signs Are Better if You Write Them Yourself

While browsing through boingboing they presented these two little gems...

It has such a nice built up from "reason" to "I will shoot you in the fucking face"
Passive Aggressive Notes

God, it's like reading Deliverance...

Your Old Tires make for a Sexy Sink

Or about as sexy as a sink could get unless you decide to create silicon sinks in the shape of breasts...

I want to put my face in it.

Award: RUBBiSH (Recycled Rubber Sinks)