Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Iran didn't corner the Photoshop Market.

Quick Robin

To the Bat.....Elephant?

I will find you...

and when I do I'm gonna......

You go Supergirl

You super tell that bitch!

What a bargain

But I might wait till next week to see if it goes to $49.98.

People Often Ask Me "Dude, Why Don't You Want to Go On a Cruise?"

This would be my reply.

I'm going to go away and cry alot now, kthxbye!

Have you seen this cat?

He's awesome!



Protect Your Manhole...

Yeah, I bet you'll keep all sorts of unwanted attention out of your manhole with that lock.

The Future is Now

You know we've arrived at the FUTURE when even the homeless has a laptop to check their myspace or facebook pages.



By the way, Obama is quite... gummy.


Light Switch Complicator

Here's what it says (you can read most of it when viewing the largest size picture):

The Society for the Presentation of Inefficient Mechanical Devices Presents The Totally Unnecessary Overly Redundant & Mechanically Superfluous Light Switch Complicator
Obsolete Construction Methods, Substandard Materials, Inefficient Wooden Mechanism, Difficult to Install Properly, May Not Fit Your Lifestyle Or Match Your Drapes
In Box: This is exactly the same device Leonardo DaVinci might have used had electric lighting been invented in his time.
Hand Made in the USA by Ernie Fosselius. One Of A Kind Sculpture, Numbered, Dated, and Signed By The Artist.
(c) Copyright Ernie Fosselius 2006 All Rights Reserved

Larger Picture available at Flickr


A Tiger Shark.

Firefox Cookie

Right... cookies... yeah... I'm sorry what?

Jams and Chutney

Once again, only funny when applied on top an oceanic crustacean BOOYAH!

Oh I'm hot tonight!

What Not to Do When You are the Layout Editor

yeah... oops...

And now, for your Tuesday Absurdity Brunch Delight!


I don't know...

Would You LIke a Monkey?


Please, Think of the Roaches.

Cancer is no laughing matter.

Unless you are talking about crabs, which is just the cousin of some underwater cockroaches BOO-YAH!

still got it!

The Few, The Proud, The Sub-Humanoid

In somewhat unrelated news, MI6 is looking for prospective candidates from Facebook! Because government agencies wants to seem fresh and hip and down with the times!

How much you want to bet some MI6 operative is just looking for an excuse to spend more time on Facebook, so he came down with some lame duck excuse of "recruiting" and submitted to the heads.

Need to Kick Up the Difficulty in Your Next Golf Game?

Tired Kittens

Thanks Stacy!

Superman and Batman in: Lois and the Awkward Situation

A Severed Snake Head may still Bite.

I can't help but think this is a viral of some sort, but it's crazy freaky.

Handicapped People Will Be Fed to Gators at the Bottom of the Hill

That's how I interpret the sign.

Prehistoric Picnic

Kids Hate Clowns

They aren't the least bit of the coulrophobic, unless you call Coulrophobes "People who has an immense desire to kill clowns".

The Gorilla Marathon

It's an actual Marathon to raise awareness for the gorilla plight.

Arbroath (What the hell is an Arbroath?)

So... uh... How's that commute working out for ya?

Yeah... underneath a truck, eh... well... uh... think of it this way, buddy, at least you are dead!

Friday, September 26, 2008

See you guys next week.

Optimus Prime and I are going on a road trip.

Oy, Prime, point the way!


"Conservatives" and "Small Government" doesn't seem to mix

Some would argue that at least the ridiculous spending was for crazy-bad-ass tools of war, but still, being a "conservative" now seems to be synonymous with "bankrupting America".

We aren't even offering government subsidies for carbon fuel (China and India), where did all the money go?

Scott McCloud

Manual DIsimpaction

Insane Crazy Swedish Sisters play Chicken on the Motorway

Arbroath has more links, including a 14 minute unedited video.

I shall name him Lenny, King of the Squirrels

Hiro Nakamura, Codex, and Captain Tightpants

Felicia Day is some sort of Geek Goddess.

Our Financial Future is Secure.

At least he has a nice suit, then again, when you work on Wall Street and has a bank account of this amount:

It's hard to not look good while plummetting the national economy through careless mortgage lending.

per Consumerist:
this ATM receipt a reader's coworker found sitting in a Wall Street ATM with a balance of $97,084.23 shows there's at least one person who is going to be okay. Plus, this guy knows what he's doing; note how the balance is just under the $100,000 limit for full FDIC coverage.



Washington Post

You want to click on that picture to taste every subtle nuance that this picture offers.

This week has been nothing but a series of shots in the foot for the McCain Campaign.


Well I'm hungry, who's up for some lunch?

All of a sudden I'm not hungry anymore...

Pigeon vs Cat

What kind of crazy big ass pigeons are they raising?

Rare!A Pigeon Fights with a Kitten - Celebrity bloopers here

Fortunately, losercat called for backup.

and... uh... suddenly bleach got poured over everything, but forunately it only affects feather and fur, because it's... uh... MAGIC BLEACH, YES!

Global Warming is a Secret Libral Conspiracy

They are heating up the atmosphere to drown us out!

Although there are some slight advantages to rising coastline

For instance, now you won't have to worry about mowing that lawn.

or maybe you do...

by Bruce Mozertom


Arctic scientists discover new global

warming threat as melting permafrost

releases millions of tons of a gas 20 times

more damaging than carbon dioxide

(The Independent)
In the past few days, the researchers have seen areas of sea foaming with gas bubbling up through "methane chimneys" rising from the sea floor. They believe that the sub-sea layer of permafrost, which has acted like a "lid" to prevent the gas from escaping, has melted away to allow methane to rise from underground deposits formed before the last ice age.

They have warned that this is likely to be linked with the rapid warming that the region has experienced in recent years.

Methane is about 20 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and many scientists fear that its release could accelerate global warming in a giant positive feedback where more atmospheric methane causes higher temperatures, leading to further permafrost melting and the release of yet more methane.

If you are interested about how we may be able to avert from the disasterous Kevin Costner movie Waterworld, there is a discussion happening in World Changing Blog. They are mostly talking about the pros and cons of geoengineering, and the first thing we should do, regardless of the possiblity of manually removing greenhouse gas or blocking out the sun, is to advance to Zero Impact, now.

I'm just gonna go work on my tan and mentally will myself some gills.

The Internet is full

go away plskthnxbye.

Mother of God there's more of them!

It's some sort of horrible "Giant Inflatable Pikachu Funhouse with Very Inappropriate Exit and Entrance" (GIPWVFIEE) invasion!

Stacy is trying to scare the shit out of me.

So I looked in my inbox a few days ago and found the following images from Stacy:

A lettuce head and scary crazy skinless robot face, I think I may have cried tears of pure unadulturated fear for 3 hours.

But you can't outscare a shitter!

Crap I just shit all over myself, and not, that's not a pun.