Friday, May 30, 2008

It is HOT outside.

And I aint lying about that not one bit either.

another classic

I would go to that church, but I'd be afraid of some of the congregants, who may end up being macroherpetophiles...

It's a classic

not amused.


JayAre update:
That reminded me of these.

remember back in... last year?

This is why we need more movies that's a verb, I'm still waiting for "fucked up", the movie.

I know, it's not THAT funny, but I can only come up with so many proper sounding verbs in a day, and I used it all in my morning fondue party.

and what?

found this from weaselking, no explanation was given.

I really wish I remember who it was that did this...

It may have been Truck Bearing Kibble, but I could be wrong on that... not that it matters, TBK is still pretty awesome.

It's pretty easy to spot the dojo

You don't really have to look hard.

Just cleaning out the storage

So no, ebola cola

and epic end of days

doesn't really have some sort of "theme"

nice bathroom

Worth 1000 is such a hit and miss... but when they hit, they make delicious cupcakes that brings peace to the middle east.

saddest Calvin and Hobbes ever.

Stop feeding your kids ritalin, if you want them to calm down, have them run on a treadmill connected to a turbine, it'll let them burn off excess energy, and you can go green.

How to tell who's car is which.

I may have stolen this from photobasement, or oomsa... man, remember 3 month ago when oomsa didn't suck, and was actually updating, and was actually being dug?

now you say "oomsa" and people will go "gesundheit".

just Because it's friday doesn't mean that we won't be posting.

We just won't post with great... uh... prolificiency, right, that's not a word...

I'm beginning to notice that Fridays are becoming the "ramp down" days, the one that most bloggers would just kind of... "goof off" on, so to speak. Most of the sources I look through seems to be doing actual activities during the weekend, with Monday and Tuesday being the "recap" days, while Wed and Thurs would be the "find new shit" days.

Now I'm left with a question, if there's nothing interesting out there on the web for me to steal, what the hell am I gonna do?

So I'd like to dedicate Fridays to "thing I have on my hard drive for far too long" days, many most of you have already seen, but it would be a shame if they just sit on my hard drive collecting electronic dust, so...

I think this was the ad picture for the big thing in the back ground, couldn't for the life of me figure out what it is, but I'll take 3, if this means that this ad agency can keep polluting my cornea with scary eastern European models.

We'll see how long this lasts, I foresee myself running out of materials in about 5 posts...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

30,622 people can't be wrong.


I swear this seems to me to be exactly what Benny's tests would look like. Make with the clicky-clicky to see it better.

Edit from Benny: I would have to say that this kid must be made of pure genius to be able to pass the test so flawlessly and yet be so easily distracted by anything around themself.

reminds me of this picture, except that this person failed, instead of passing...

Ommm nom nom nom...

it's like lolcats, but filled with hunger.


Why is Batman so cool?

Because of stuff like this.

It's only fair...

Just to be on the fair side, Japan hasn't been just objectifying women and their undergarments, men cannot escape their strange head machinations as well(it's funny how if you say "Japan" and follow it with anything in the blogosphere, you are inevitably looking for something bizarre).

The problem is that I've lost the website where I found these from, and I don't think they've listed where you can buy these, so if you wish to purchase them, well, best of luck to ya, gentle caresser of... yeah...

Oh come on!


New Paseo... now with more trunk space

I find this incredibly awesome!

Way to be racist Target

I actually own one of these desks. I guess that explains all the loud rap music that follows me wherever I go.

I wish I was smarter

Then I could do this!

Edit from Benny: reminds me of this picture:


I love lost and tonight is the season finale.

I really hope this doesn't end up being the case< I really don't want to spend my time and money hunting down J.J. Abrams.

Let me guess... Japan?

Man, these people can't even take pictures like the rest of the world. Thank you for giving us stuff to show on our blog Japan.

How romantic!

Guaranteed to choke up even the most jaded of women.

Tell Cthulu what you want for Christmas

A lot of kids freak out when they meet Santa or the Easter Bunny. This little girl is seriously hardcore.

I want pit bulls... with "Lasers"

I REALLY need to get a couple of these guys!

A couple more demotivators, 'cause I am demotivated

Aww, someone lost a... WTF?!

This reminds me of a story my sister told me the other day.
Her and her boyfriend were downtown when introduced to the newest "Bum tactic". This homeless woman came up to them asking for money to buy cat food for her..."animal". She was cradling a small possum in her arms, but didn't appear to know what kind of animal it was. Of course they saw her a couple of hours later with no animal, but she was bleeding and crying... wonder what that was about.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I do love house.

which is why little things like this make me laugh ever so much.

hot chick on firey piano.

it's not an euphemism.

Max can has bukkit.




bruce lee is awesome.

and chuck norris is HAIRY.

I'm really excited about this movie, no lie.

except I probably won't see it anyway, like all the other movies that I've been excited about but refuses to pay to go see...