Thursday, August 7, 2008

Killer gets Pizza and Calzon for plea bargain.

Tremayne Durham of New York killed Adam Calbreath, a former employee of ice cream truck company. I doubt Tremayne has anything against ice cream trucks in general, considering that he was actually considering on becoming one of them.

Sadly, upon the ordering and delivery of a ice cream truck which Tremayne ordered, he quickly came to the conclusion that a life of serving happiness to children and adults was not the life for him, and out of his sudden realization was borne murderous rage, thus prompting Tremayne to go on a one man murder rampage all the way to Oregon.

When I said "one man murder rampage" I actually mean "he drove for a long time and only managed to kill one man". So I guess the paragraph above was more of a hyperbolized bull-shitting then "actual reporting". Anyway, from what I can gather from the article, Durham killed Calbreath because the company Calbreath USED to work for refused to let Durham return the ice cream truck after he made his regretful purchase.

This story sounds like a simple slice-of-life story of Americana cut from the bosoms of Mother Liberty we all adore and obsess over as CNN goes on it's 87th hour coverage of Obama and his gold shitting anal orifice while McCain sits off in the corner feeling lonely and forgotten and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!

Oh right, so they managed to catch him (or he turned himself in, who knows), and instead of dragging Durham through the process of investigation and grand jury and trial and lots of "he did it your honor" "no I didn't" "yes you did and your mother was a whore" "you take that back the glove doesn't fit!" they instead offered Durham a bucket of chicken and a lifetime supply of pizza. Durham readily agreed to MURDER.

By the way, I'm writing a TV show about two hard boiled New York City detectives who kicks ass, solves crime, and has their ego writes checks that their body always cash. One of them is an aged and seasoned old Italian-American, the other is a fresh off the street bucket of chicken. It's going to be so hard core and edge of the seat thrill that you are going to shit diamonds after every episode.

The article even applauded the judge and district attorney for making the deal, since it circumvented the expense of a trial. Seems odd for an article to make that kind of call though, seems "biased".

Killer agrees to murder after receiving chicken and pizza (Not the Onion)

Thanks Stacy!

Man I'm hungry.

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