Monday, August 18, 2008

The liver is evil and must be punished.

You know this sign?

Apparently there are T-Shirts being sold about it as well.

(Thanks Stacy!)

If this blog ever needs a uniform, I may just consider that shirt. Or this shirt:

(you'd think he could actually wear the shirt, instead of some bad Windows Paint job...)


JayAre said...

Hey, at least they rolled up the sleeves on the digital shirt... that's so Hoff.

And yeah, I am not wearing that.

Benny said...

You know that deep down inside, with enough Rum and Coke, you may just kind of/sort of think about it.

JayAre said...

I would be WAAAYYY past eating a burger off of the floor/dying of alcohol poisoning before it came to that.

Benny said...

we'll put the shirt on ya while you are getting your stomach pumped then.

JayAre said...

bastards! said...

It will not work in fact, that is exactly what I think.