Monday, August 18, 2008

Heat Vision and Jack

JR came across a blog about Heat Vision and Jack, a pilot back in the 90's, written by Ben Stiller, and starring Jack Black, Ron Silver, and Owen Wilson's voice. Why was it that this jewel of firmament never saw the light of broadcast? Because FOX was too busy trying to look serious with their line-up of Time of Your Life, Ally, Get Real, and the never ending nightmare that is 90210. Cheesy slapstick comedy just won't jive (which is why they went and canceled Futurama and Family Guy, only to bring Family Guy back after they realized that the show didn't suck, FOX just suck at programming).

JR was actually too ashamed to want to post about it, but I loved it, every minute of it (at least, the intro, I haven't actually watched the whole thing yet), from Ben Stiller's coked-out sunken-eye smugness to Jack Black's lovable affability to overplay EVERYTHING. And let's not forget, I'd sit and listen with rapt delight at Owen Wilson reading the Qu'ran.


JayAre said...

I was not ashamed, I just thought I would kind of wait to WATCH IT!!
I though it was great, I can't wait for the movie (yes they are thinking of making one).

Anonymous said...

I got to about 6:30 in the video then I suddenly realized the cat was on fire or maybe Jesus was barbecuing some swordfish (hey, I'm from New England, we throw seafood on the grill) in the back yard or something.

Maybe I'll get back to this.

Jack Black is either hilarious or ... not. Just like Ben Stiller.