Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glory Hole Wipers

See, this makes sense, because if you end up at a glory hole, you would like to wipe it down a bit, you know, so you don't come in contact with any other encrusted ex-projectiles unless it's of your choosing.


But I'd imagine that if you are at a glory hole for the express purpose of getting it on like a US senator, worrying about hygiene is gonna be one of the last things on your mind.


Anonymous said...

At least it's not a certain Republican Senator with his "wide stance".

And well, it's better than a goat and a cliff ...

Anonymous said...

Oh ... and, nothing worse than a gnarly glory hole.

JayAre said...

there are two quotes on the glory hole wipers that I didn't notice at first.
"Feel us while soft"
"Four cylinders inside at once"
How can you fail that many times on one product?

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