Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diving Camera is bullshit.

I just read some article on the Wall Street Journal about the Diving Camera. The article is linked by geeklikeme and neatorama, so I'm sure it had plenty of of authenticity to it.

The WSJ story covered the simple technology behind the diving cam, a camera shot that keeps the divers in view and follows the divers at that specific viewpoint all the way into the pool. You get this fantastic shot of the divers from the beginning to the end of their dive. Awesome, bodacious, utterly excellent.

So where the fuck is the diving cam footage?

(stolen from WSJ)

The above picture is from the standard NBC camera capturing the divers from the side, and although it follows them, it follows them from a prescribed, static spot and the camera angles down by the time the divers hit the water. The AMAZING DIVING CAM is supposed to follow the diver starting at the top, staring at the diver's back. Then elevates slightly only to following them all the way down at a parallel point of view, and I. DO. NOT. SEE. ANYTHING. OF. THAT. NATURE. AVAILABLE. ANYWHERE.

A casual google search reveals zero footage, but plenty of people talking about this bull shit technology that doesn't seem to exist (and two websites dedicated to masturbating to olympic divers, I need to remember to turn the "SAFE SEARCH" feature back on...). Sure there's a giant tube like structure located next to the diving platform, sure there may be actual people operating the device, but until I see actual footage of the dive from DAS DIVING CAM, I'm calling bullshit on you, WSJ.

Wall Street Journal may be filled with lies and pudding, but mostly lies.

Maybe they are just talking about the technology that will be available, instead of the actual footage... who knows, WSJ is still filled with lies until they can prove it.

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