Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sorry about being so lackluster with the posting yesterday...

I really meant to post more, and then I got distracted by puppies.

Apparently they turned one of the cubicles into a puppy mill in order to promote moral in the company.

We are now the most adorably heartbreaking company you can work for in the original 13 colonies, yay!

In other news, here are two NSFW pictures that, seriously, you probably shouldn't click on if there are animate objects within your 50 feet radius vicinity.

A picture of a naked man standing on two chairs dangling a laptop from his manhood asking you if you think he is serious now.

Two latex-clad people riding on a 2 seater BDSM wheelchair. One of them has a swedish flag sticking out of their bum.

Internet, sometimes you worry me.

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