Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Tesla Model S

I have been casually keeping an eye on Tesla, no not the sexual rock star scientist Nicola Tesla, I'm talking about the fully electric car maker. I've been interested in the Tesla Roadster (0 to 60 in under 4 seconds and built off a Lotus base) ever since I got wind of it. The whopping $100,000 price tag, however, dashed my hopes and dreams to pieces, rendering the Tesla Roadster as nothing more then mere pipe dreams.

Despite my dreams of a brighter future with me driving a super quiet speedster smearing unsuspecting pedestrians all over my bumper shattered against harsh fiscal reality, a small bird kept whispering the rumors of a more affordable 4-door sedan (that's a bit redundant, isn't it, aren't 2-door sedans really coupes?) to be out on the market by 2010 to my ears.

Well lo and behold, that rumor has born true, and this is the Tesla Model S.

A dashing, 4 door, 5 passenger luxury sedan able to go from 0 to 60 in 6 seconds that only costs a mere $60,000. Why, that's mere pocket change for the extreme wealthy, and still as equally unobtainable for me.

As disappointed as I am still unable to afford a Tesla, I love what they represent, though. The current trend of smart cars indicate a grim future, filled with toy cars no bigger then a Cracker Jack box, and they will be so woefully underpowered that you might as well get out of your car and walk. Sure, the environment is clean and pure and pretty and thanks you, but the trade off is that you, the driver, dies a little every time you step on your accelerator and your car whines to a top speed of congealing blood. Tesla stands in stark rebellion against that future. You CAN have a good looking fully electric car. You CAN have a powerful electric looking car. you CAN have your inner driver howl with delight. You CAN have all that, and not add on to your carbon footprint.

My hope is that in another 5 or so years there will be real, affordable, commercially viable, sexy Tesla sedans, and that I will be in one of them.

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