Friday, October 24, 2008

Flag of the Earth

Via KK:
The flag was designed by James Cadle. Prior to the US landing on the moon, there was hope a flag for humanity, rather than the American flag, would be erected on the moon. Some hoped the UN flag would fly, but that never happened.
Some time later, James Cadle, who lived on a farm in rural Illinois, was inspired by this debate to create the Flag of Earth. It is intended to be used for ANY purpose that is representative of Humankind as a whole, and not connected to any country, organization, or individual. James made it his life's work to promote and distribute this flag everywhere. He and his wife made the flags on their kitchen table, and sold them for what it cost to make and distribute them.
The Flag of Earth is often flown at locations doing SETI work in order to indicate that the search is the "work of humanity and not a specific country or organization." Cadle died in 2004, but he left the design in the public domain, bless him.

This may seem incredibly hippie-esque to some, but I do love the simplicity of the design and the fact that it encompasses not nations, but our entire planet by leaving the earth blue.

I may just end up purchasing or making one myself.

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