Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time to turn use this blog for the powers of not being completely inane

Stewards of Gaia is an online magazine about environmental activism and what kids can do to accomplish those goals. It is a student project started by Lili B, the daughter of a friend of mine. If you have a child who is interested in the environment and thinks about what they can do to help, Stewards of Gaia may be the answer for you.

Anyway, they are currently looking for submission from other young activists, so if you have kids and they are interested about the environment and has ideas about how to help, here are the guidelines for submission:
1. You need to be a kid under 16.

2. No potty-mouths!

3. Cite your references - they'll be checked - and not JUST Wikipedia.

4. How-to articles should also have cited references.

5. No poetry or stories just yet - that'll come later.

6. We'd love some articles on environmental impact of various human habits, what you can do to help recycle, anything about organic gardening, etc. Also, if you make puzzles like crosswords or word-finds, those would be cool, too.

7. There is no payment for articles. This is a student project and has virtually no funding. The author retains all rights to their work.

I think that's it. (And how proud a momma could I possibly be right now...!)

You will need to email Lili to find out more information.

Stewards of Gaia

Now back to the regularly scheduled plagiarism of other people's work.

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