Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guess the country

There is a country that is working on setting up an academy to research and develop...

... GIANT FUCKING ROBOTS! Well, not literally fucking, but you know what I mean.

This academy will be based on Gundam, a cartoon featuring these technological towers of terror. I bet you can guess the country now, that's right, God Damned Japan. I can't wait until these crazy bastards decide that the world needs Godzilla too. Japan needs to be stopped, now!

We are all doomed.

full article here via toplessrobot.


Stacey said...

Though he curses Japan, I have found evidence that JayAre feels quite differently!


A-TEK said...

Don't worry JayAre, even if they succeded in building those, the U.S. would just build way more awesome ones and we'd have a totaly sweet gundam showdown.

A-TEK said...

Oh wait, I just remembered what happened on tuesday. I guess we would just talk to them about it.

Benny said...

Ah shut up you bitter snob, at least you won a night of free beer.

fucking seven percent, god damn it.

A-TEK said...

It was 7%? Are you sure it was even that much? I smell a fraud.