Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm not quite there yet...

Daily posts are still going to be few and far between, gotta get ready for a move and all.

See you on the flip side, which is a term I don't quite understand, because if your side got flipped, then shit, wouldn't you be upside down and breaking the law of gravity, which isn't really a law and more of a "I will follow your silly ruling for now, until I can stab you in the heart and then fly to my heart's content."

Oh, right, enjoy some boobs:

Taking a picture AND masturbating to it? Why, I believe someone has taken your advice, nice lady!


chest forward and back straight, yes...


I mean, really very epic...

Fiber-Optic Bra:


"Benny!" you say, "all you do is catering to the lowest common denominator, don't you have some decency?"

Well, first of all, no, and second of all, Clowns:

It's true, no matter how much of a "people" clowns like to call themselves, all they want to do is to hurt you, inside and out. And seriously, it's hard to trust clowns, especially Zombie Clowns:

I've also thought that it's a Two-Face clown, actually...

Oh, right, here, and we'll finish with a puppy:

Soaking its golden retriever paws in a bucket of yellow water/beer/pee? Sweet god, puppies ARE retarded.

Do you ever get the feeling that fan made demotivators aren't really demotivators anymore?


Rob said...

As the individual who appears in said clown photo, I say to you...


Thank you and Bod gless.

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Harry said...

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