Thursday, September 2, 2010

Animals Are Sort of Useless... and are kind of weird...

I actually came across this "Animal Facts" a few times before I found out it was from KinokoFry, which is deliciously enjoyable.

Ignore the rest of this post, as it's nothing more then Google bait:
A dog can eat an elephant: TRUE!
Every 100th egg a chicken lays contains sugar: that would explain why my scrambled eggs tasted weird...
Did you know? There are no chipmunks: I knew it!
Axolotls are members of the goat family: that also explains why it's called an Axolotl.
When left alone for 5-10 hours. Finches will begin to resemble Oliver Sacks: did you know that Oliver Sacks is a MD, a Doctor, an author, and a fine dancer?
Otters will amount to nothing: I feel for them, that's what my elephant-eating dog tells me every day, but in doggish.
Parrots are just bullshit: aw...