Tuesday, August 11, 2009


They day that man teaches dogs to wield guns is the day that mankind has doomed itself.

You don't believe me? EVEN AFTER THIS:
A Memphis, Tenn., man is in critical condition Wednesday after his dog shot him in the back.

I laughed so hard that a quantum cat materialized in my living room, got scared, then vaporized itself, that was how much I laughed at the headline. Oh, and there's this:
Hunter recovering after being shot by dog

They aren't even trying and they are killing us! Dogs, the silent but adorable and possiblity mentally retarded killer.

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A-TEK said...

I think this proves that it's never too early to start teaching dogs about gun safety. Clearly both of these were accidental, and could easily have been avoided with proper training. That said, why are these dumb fucks leaving loaded, and cocked guns lying around? If you ask me, they probably got what they deserve.