Sunday, June 14, 2009

Comfort Wipe: It's Like A Magical Wand for Your Ass!

I'm a fat man who is frequently troubled by the act of having to wipe myself. It used to be that I only have two choices, wipe my butt and suffer a sprained shoulder, or not wipe my butt and suffer the horrible itchies. What's a fat guy to do? But now, thanks to Comfort Wipe, I'll never have to jump into the pool for a thorough soaking every time I poo ever again, THANKS, COMFORT WIPE!


A-TEK said...

Fuckin archaic toilet paper! finally something to put that archaic junk onto so I don't have to touch it....or wait I still do...well not when I'm acutally using it for it's intended purpose. And the whole process may take an unnecessary extra 10 minutes, but at least no one else has to wipe my ass for me anymore.

Anonymous said...

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