Monday, March 16, 2009

Russian Star Wars Movie Posters Are Fascinating, But Has Nothing To Do WIth The Film

Stolen from BBG


A-TEK said...

No way those are Star Wars posters.

Benny said...

I thoroughly believe it, and they probably edited the hell out of it to delete the whole "evil empire" feel.

They probably also dubbed over the tracks so it's all techno-80's

Ralph DeLuca said...

I always enjoyed these posters. Russian movie posters are always cutting edge. I am a collector of old movie posters and some of the most sought after posters are Russian movie posters from the late 1920's by artists like the Stenberg Brothers. Anyone interested in Russian poster art should check them out or get a copy of "Film Posters of the Russian Avante Garde" by Susan Pack.
Ralph DeLuca
Madison NJ