Thursday, March 5, 2009

Deadpool Hates Clowns

Deadpool really ought to be one of those early 90's comic book character that have stayed dead with the rest of them. If you really think about it, "neigh invulnerable", "looks like a black and red ninja", "muscles so numerous they had to invent muscles to put on him", "carries katanas and guns"... Deadpool is so god damn generic quintessentially 90's that just the act of seeing hims should explode you with mullets, parachute pants, and regret. Yet... yet... Deadpool has somehow managed to wedge himself into our hearts, specifically, the tiny crack of a space between arterial blockage and love. It may be his strange "comic sense", which allows him to "break the 4th wall", becoming aware of his ironic situation of knowing that he is in the comics... Frankly though, I could care less about that, Deadpool is a dick, he does the things he does because he is a dick, he hates everything and loves to fuck things over because he is a dick. Deadpool is the "Dick Ninja", and there is nothing more hilarious then a "Dick Ninja", not even a "Dick Pirate".

"Dick Ninja" and "Dick Pirates" are not euphimisms for something else, stop looking so hard into it.


Tadalafil said...

Deadpool doesn't hate clowns, he hates everybody, due to the fact he has problems with his personality. He should learn to be more pacific and less aggressive with inoffensive people.

Anonymous said...

I am kempo and I think deadpool is charming,
I mean what do you want from a paraty of Sade Wilson?
Not that I have anything agenced paradys I love Lobo way more then I could ever like wolveren:P

I don't know if it's fair to call him ganaric I have yet to read another marval comic that has more humor or personallity as deadpool...but I'm kinda a DC girl and think deadpool is hot<3