Friday, February 13, 2009

Escher Woodwork

It's not fair to call it a "M.C. Escher" woodwork, since I don't know the origin of this piece and could not tell you one way or another, but that is a pretty stellar piece of photography.

Also, my previous assumption that Escher is also a great rap artist that twitters is shot down by wikipedia, who revealed to me that the "M.C." stands for "Maurits Cornelis". LAME.

Please Escher, don't hurt'em.

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ToshioMagic said...

the woodwork is called a "Penrose Triangle." It was "invented" by Roger Penrose, the son of the man who invented the "Continuous Staircase."

I am a pixel artist and I love drawing Escher stuff. Check out some of my work:

The triangle, waterfall, and stairecase are all on a block in the MS Paint City 2008