Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not Trying to be Misogynistic or Anything.

A-tek brought up a point over the weekend: Why would Texas High School Football players want to play at OSU (it was actually OU, but yeah, besides football, what else do they have there?)?

Well besides their also stellar football program which may end up with you possibly getting drafted to the NFL, OSU also has many other fine fine qualities I'm sure Buckeyes would love to expound upon, but I only have one focus.

Their girls keep the stripper pole warm.

I can't post images or videos, my desperate attempt at keeping this blog SFW

OSU Chick Keeps Stripper Pole Warm At Tailgate

the video's not really worth it, I'm only really posting this entry because I thought OSU=OU, well color me embarrassed (and swollen, as OSU/OU alums used me as a cheap made-in-Taiwan punching bag).

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