Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Light Switch Complicator

Here's what it says (you can read most of it when viewing the largest size picture):

The Society for the Presentation of Inefficient Mechanical Devices Presents The Totally Unnecessary Overly Redundant & Mechanically Superfluous Light Switch Complicator
Obsolete Construction Methods, Substandard Materials, Inefficient Wooden Mechanism, Difficult to Install Properly, May Not Fit Your Lifestyle Or Match Your Drapes
In Box: This is exactly the same device Leonardo DaVinci might have used had electric lighting been invented in his time.
Hand Made in the USA by Ernie Fosselius. One Of A Kind Sculpture, Numbered, Dated, and Signed By The Artist.
(c) Copyright Ernie Fosselius 2006 All Rights Reserved

Larger Picture available at Flickr

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