Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Man feared Drowned During Baptism

A baptism should be a time of rejoicing, a time when you and your loved ones join together in rapture and harmony, embraced by the love of God.

So it's all the more tragic to witness your loved one's moment of rebirth would also become their last moment on this mortal soil.

Rescuers have called off the search for a 22-year-old man feared drowned during a baptism in the San Joaquin Delta.

The Hispanic man disappeared under the water late Sunday afternoon near the Brannan Island State Recreation Area, northeast of the San Francisco Bay, according to Coast Guard officials.

A Sacramento County Drowning Accident Rescue Team (DART) joined the underwater search for the missing man, whose identity has not been released.

Officials called off the search Sunday night.

Actually, I heard that the story was the man was swimming near the area during baptism when he disappeared, equally tragic, and I'm just going to end it there before I damn myself some more...

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