Friday, August 20, 2010

All things considered, it could all be so much worse.

Slowly working myself back into the internet groove, ever since they killed my manga streaming sites (some legal kerfuffle stacked on a waffle, I hear) I've been slowly getting back to browsing the interwebs. Once things settle down and I discover the magic of blogging, this blog will once again explode with content.

Not that it would matter at that point, everyone's moved on to facebook and twitter, or the new digg, or some other form of social web that lets you share your information with the same callous disregard as a piece of blackened banana peel.

Also, has anyone seen JayAre? I hear rumors that he moved to Mars, but I also hear that Martians make for terrible neighbors (lots of methane, apparently).


Anonymous said...

welcome back, it has been boring with out you

Anonymous said...


i dun even know why i come to this blog but it's habit now and i won't stop until it stops updating for about 3 months in a row. i only just noticed daisy owl stopped updating and that was in march lol.

Anonymous said...

btw trying to find jayare is a meme now?

Benny said...

Not really a "meme" unless a "meme" can consist of something that only really encompass a single web blog and about 3 people who bother reading it.

seriously why are you guys still coming here? Now I feel really guilty for being an internet failure.

Anonymous said...

Well, feel guilty!

I've been waiting long enough por an update!

I'm bored at the office!


Blaise said...

This won't actually have success, I think so.

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