Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well that was stupendous

Yeah, so my attempt at "making up for not a lot of posts on Monday" resulted in me barely posting today, well I'll remedy that now, since I am home and has actual time to make it seem like I'm wasting a lot of time.

Anyway, in celebration of Obama's inauguration, here is a whole bunch of left over campaign pictures from last year!

Who sucks the most?

McCain/Palin vs King of the Hill

This guy also want change

Obama sandels.

McCain sandels

She has vipers in her gloryhole?

Palin is puzzled.

Yoda Grammar

Excessive Obama Fan

Obama with large lips.

Here's Johnny!

You can't have Jesus without an Apocalypse

The candidates speaking of "change"

McCain is... surprised?

The Candidates as the cast of Batman:

Man, I'm glad I finally got rid of those, time to concentrate on something equally retarded!

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