Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cyber Hunters in China in for a crash landing

I find this article interesting in the use of the term "Cyber Hunter" and "Human Flesh Search Engine", just on the basis that the names doesn't fit their actual meaning what so ever.

When I hear "Cyber Hunter", I don't think of individuals combing through whatever information online to separate the truth from some guy's lie, I think of pedophiles hunting for kids on myspace. The term "Human Flesh Search Engine" brings forth the imagery of cannibals hunting through websites for the best value in men meat.

Neither terms apply.

The real story behind this heavy handed fear-mongering article (shame on you, Malaysia) is that China is still unabashedly restricting human freedom and rights, then they turn around and act all surprised when the very subjects they repress began acting like animals. "We don't understand, why are these people vandalizing properties and everything when all we've done is making sure that they know nothing, learn nothing, and express nothing but love and admiration for our repressive regime?"

Also, China, seriously, stop stealing people's dogs and cats so you can eat them.

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