Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Burger King Flame apparently smells nothing like meat, at all.

Some brave individuals from A Hamburger Today decided to give the Burger King Flame cologne a try, and they have decided that it smelled like a whole lot of things, but not meat.
"Like a truckstop bathroom air freshener."

"It smells like this G.I. Joe action figure I had that would spit out a liquid you filled it with. Or like this girl I dated in junior high who had a leather jacket that smelled just like that."

Also, now Burger King will bribe you with a whopper if you drop 10 of your Facebook Friends (now canceled) means that if you enjoy Burger King, you will have to enjoy it, alone, with your tears as the lone seasoning in a sea of tasteless cardboard hell.


metalchick666 said...

I ran out and bought this cologne the day it hit the market. I was very disappointed. Instead of smelling like a delicious burger, it smelled like the cheapest cologne you can find at the drug store.

Benny said...

that's incredibly upsetting, it's like they didn't even bother trying!