Tuesday, February 21, 2012

She stands on lightpoles

Fucking Clown Bombs

Good morning you filthy animals

Welcome to the BuzzFeed nightmare machine

This is mostly for me...

So I've been watching Rhythm Heaven Fever game footage on youtube, mostly because, um... apparently, I don't play games anymore and I'd rather watch people play games and spend the time screaming at my monitor. Anyway, this is probably my favorite, Ringside, this is the English version:

Oh wow, now all I need is an "ifram" tag to embed stuff? the future is amazing. Oh, right, and here's the Japanese version:

There is a reason for why I wanted to show you the Japanese version, mostly because of remixes... like this Terry Crews version:

Or this Applejack version:

Or this... um... questionable King from Legend of Zelda on the CDi:

God that's actually really bad...

Or this Heavy Version:

So apparently that was a thing, but the thing is that, you don't know how deep this rabbit hole goes. You see, when something like this happen, something much stranger and worse starts showing up, and then it just goes deeper and deeper...

Shine on you crazy beautiful fucking lunatics, shine on.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ramen is Delicious

also, apparently it's 10% noddles and 90% love...

Little girl agrees

Meanwhile, in Soviet Russia

You Carry Horse?

my mind is blown.

Carpets With a Sense of Humor

Apparently these "LOL Shags" they were being sold at Lowes, but no news on whether Lowes still carry them.

I would have gotten one had I knew about it.



Want to know how to keep your watermelon fresh?


Upon hindsight, that's a pretty small melon...



I think the term "GM" is only really used by the British folks, considering that over here in the great US of A we call them "Deeeeeeeeelicous!"

Baby Snow Seal Need Help


Bat Golf Cart

Batman needs to golf too.

Oh, right, I have a batman tag...

Deep Fried Butter


Olly Moss

From excellent movie poster remakes to t-shirt designs, Olly Moss does some fascinating great stuff like:

Robocop on a Unicorn (yes it was a meme, I believe it was instigated, if not started, by Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing, who knows.)

Some great Star Trek "Trouble with Tribbles" poster

Has Spock and Uhura always been an item?

Dirty Harry Poster

Die Hard Poster

The Spoilit:

I know we posted this picture before, but do you know you can buy it from Threadless

Olly Moss

Guys, I've switched from bourbon to scotch, mostly because I've run out of bourbon and will soon run out of scotch.

just saying.

Wall Gator

great, now they've figured out how to partially evade the painful pull of gravity.

Crazy 4 Cult

I desperately wanted to get this as a poster but sadly, Mike Mitchel does not have that for sale in his shop. Lots of other cool prints there though.

Ushanka wearing Snow Cat Shred on a Guitar

I just learned that the furry soviet cap is actually called a Ushanka, thank you, google.

Oh wait, crap, that's supposed to be a pompadour, meh.

Need Some Help Installing Windows?

Clippy is here to help.

Ceiling Spiders


I don't have a "spider" tag? WTF, SPIDERS ARE TERRIFYING!

Bunny Has Toilet Paper

Silly Bunny, you don't have any hands with working digits to wipe your pellet dispensing bottom.

Scott C Does Some Pretty Neat Pictures about Movies

Here's his website
Scott C has a gallery show somewhere in San Francisco:

Look guys, I'm not gonna lie, I've been drinking...

Why did I put colons there?